The Process of Selling Your Home

Selling your home is a little like going on a first date.  First impressions count!  Make sure you have your home ready for “best in show.”


  1. Begin with your curb appeal.  Look at your home from a street view.  Do the shrubs need trimming?  Does the lawn need attention?  Do you need to paint your front door?
  2. Walk through your house as if you were seeing it for the first time.  Clear away clutter (your collections look like dust catchers to potential buyers).  Remove an abundance of family photos.   The goal is to allow buyers to see themselves in the space, not feel like their invading yours.
  3. Get your home in “move-in” condition.  Do you need to paint?  Remove outdated wallpaper? This may include re-carpeting or adding hardwoods.  Take care of necessary repairs.
  4. Differentiate your home from your neighbors.  Do you have more bedrooms?  A remodeled kitchen?  Hardwood floors?  What makes your home stand out from the pack?
  5. Hire an agent who can advise and work for you.  Laura and Cindy have the expertise to help you get your home market ready and negotiate the best terms to sell.
  6. Offer terms that might sweeten the deal, like a home warranty, or leaving your washer/dryer and refrigerator.
  7. Price it right!  If you want to sell quickly it’s usually wise to list your home for just under it’s current market value.
  8. Have your home photographed by a professional.  Laura and Cindy include this as part of their service to you.
  9. Keep your home ready to show.  Don’t leave the home with beds unmade or a messy kitchen.  If you have children, give them easy chores to help put your home in order quickly.
  10. Be ready to negotiate a fair and reasonable contract.
  11. After you have a binding contract expect home inspections, an appraisal and a negotiation over inspection items.
  12. Finally, the day of closing, usually 30-45 days after the binding contract.