Cindy Easley

Cindy casual 2 (high res) copy 2Our homes are where we do life; they are an extension of who we are.  Whether buying or selling, this transitional time can be filled with stress.  Middle Tennessee realtor Cindy Easley’s goal is to help her clients navigate this process to make as smooth of a transition as possible.

Been There, Done That

Cindy is no stranger to moving. She’s moved both locally and nationally: her record being three moves in an 18-month period! A Texan born and bred, Cindy finally left the ranch in 1993. After living in DC for 12 years, she made a quick 4-year stop in Chicago. The Easley’s finally came to rest in Brentwood in 2008, and CINDY. IS. NEVER. LEAVING. All that to say, she feels your pain, and she understands that the home buying process is all about you. Your budget. Your desires. Your needs. Your goals.

Curb to Closets

When a client lists their home with Cindy, they also get her vision for detail.  From the curb to closets, she’ll give them practical information on how to make their home stand out in the market.  If additional help is needed, Cindy will bring in her personal stager to insure that your home is ready for the show!

The Thrill of Victory

The real joy Cindy gets out of working in the Nashville area real estate is getting to meet all kinds of people – the locals and those transplanting to Tennessee, young and old, folks new to the home buying experience and those with a few real estate transactions under their belt.  She loves serving families of all sizes and helping them use their funds to make a wise purchase. In addition, there is the added joy of getting inside her buyers’ heads, figuring out what works for them, and then finding the perfect home that fits just right: Like putting in the last piece of a puzzle!

Guilty Pleasure?

“Dark chocolate, a good book, and a glass of red wine!” Don’t get her started on Olive and Sinclair’s 75% Cocoa Bars. She may not stop — eating or talking about them. Though her tastes run more literary, she can’t deny an occasional peek at a “keep you up all night” murder mystery.

5 Things

If you’re new to the Nashville area, or have lived here for years, here are Cindy’s top five reasons she loves to call Nashville home:

  • Olive and Sinclair Chocolate…yep, it’s made right here in Nashville
  • A (slightly) slower pace of life…partly because there is less traffic than Chicago
  • Friendly people.  Folks actually talk to one another in the check out line!
  • The eclectic feel.  Like DC, people in Nashville are from all over.  It gives the southern city a bit of a cosmopolitan atmosphere.
  • She can say “y’all” again, without folks thinking she’s speaking a foreign language.

Favorite Room in Her House?

“My screened-in porch!”

Remember that dark chocolate, murder mystery, and glass of malbec? Well in the morning, she trades all that in for a cup of hot coffee on the back porch, watching the birds and occasional deer that meander through her park-like backyard. It’s the simple things, y’all.