About B&E


Laura and Cindy have been good friends since the Easley’s transferred to Brentwood in 2008. In fact, Laura was instrumental in the Easley’s move from Chicago. Laura was their realtor! When Cindy decided to move her real estate license to Tennessee, it was fitting that she would join the same brokerage and work along side Laura.

Although working independently, Laura and Cindy discovered they had a similar mission. They both love people and consider real estate an opportunity to serve others during a transitional season of life. They often assist the other to assure their clients have exceptional service. Laura and Cindy energize one another and challenge each other to be the best!

In early 2013 Laura and Cindy decided to join forces and establish the Benge and Easley Real Estate Group, under the brokerage of Benchmark Realty, LLC. When not working with their clients, Laura and Cindy can be found at Frothy Monkey’s laughing and enjoying a cappuccino.